Windfarm Nature Escape – Your Family’s Glamping Site in Rizal

For many of the campsites that we have been to, there is a handful of our viewers that ask us if there is any campsite that is family-friendly and has a glamping setup. For this, we are happy that we have discovered a campsite that is focused on accommodating families and having them settle comfortably through their glamping accommodations. And so, we have set forth on a two-hour ride to the mountains of Pililla Rizal to check out Windfarm Nature Escape.



Windfarm Nature Escape sits in the mountains of Pililla, Rizal, just a few kilometers from the windmills. It is around 52 kilometers from SM Marikina, which will take you around two hours to traverse via Simulong Highway, Antipolo, Rizal. As for vehicle of choice, any is okay. Whether you have a sedan, SUV, or a motorcycle, all these will get to the campsite with no hassle as 100% of the roads are cemented. 




With families in mind, Windfarm Nature Escape has transformed its 5-hectare property into a family-friendly relaxing, and stress-free campsite. 

As we enter the property, we were greeted by the vast trees, all standing tall that give ample shade to its guests. With that being said, adding the elevation of the campsite, the overall temperature of the campsite is cooler than the temperatures on the national road. To the left of the entrance is a parking space for guests who would want to leave their vehicles in case the vehicle pathways are too slippery or is hard to drive on. Beside it is the Camper’s Lounge. A place, similar to hotel lobbies where you can spend time and/or dine with your family. The camper’s lounge also offers all-day breakfast and other meals that you can order if you would want to relax and not think of making a meal or two at camp. Should you need soft drinks or extra booze at night, they have a few selections you can also purchase. Finally, for coffee lovers, the Camper’s lounge offers brewed coffee any time of the day.

Windfarm Nature Escape offers different kinds of glamping accommodations that you may find interesting. They have the Lake View Tree House, A-Frame Home, VIP Black Camping, and Trailer Home.


Lake View Tree House

For those who wish to camp with a majestic and serene overlooking view of laguna lake, then this one is worth your try. With a 2-floor tree house setup, you and your family would love this place. Also, they will be providing you with a tent included in your package. Also, a bonfire pit and a toilet and bath is also in sight when camping at the Lake View Tree House

A-Frame Home

The A-Frame home is a teepee hut-shaped home with a balcony for two. Couples can rent the place and enjoy the serene forest setup, where the home is installed. The balcony is large enough for a table for two and a small table for your small camping kitchen. They have two mattresses for you to use with electricity to charge your electronic devices. With a cool and relaxing atmosphere at night, staying here would be a wonderful and intimate experience for you and your loved one.


VIP Black Camping

The VIP Black Camping Package offers a glamping experience that mixes in the vibes of camping in style. With a huge black tent, fit for 7 persons, mattresses and foldable beds, A table, a cooking stove, a boiling pot, two electric fans, and a rice cooker, this must be an experience for your family like no other. The VIP Black Camping offers its guests a camping experience with a touch of luxury should you wish to let your kids enjoy the outdoors while relaxing and sleeping at night without any compromises. With a complete setup on-site, it is only you, your family, a couple of utensils, and the food you’ll cook at camp that you will literally have to bring. Finally, besides the camp is your own personal toilet and bath. Not too extravagant but enough to get you through the entire stay.


Trailer Home Package

The trailer home is the “icing on the cake” in our opinion. A trailer home with two beds (that can fit 2 people per bed) a rollout kitchen, a couple of tables and chairs, your own bonfire pit, and a personal toilet and bath, this one will definitely be an unforgettable experience should you wish to stay here. Perfect for both sunny and rainy stays at camp, as there is a huge awning that covers your common area. There is also electricity on-site for your electronic devices, a rice cooker, and a wash area for dishes. Having to see this firsthand, makes us want to consider buying a small trailer home or an overland vehicle simply because of the ease and simplicity it offers when you do the little things in camp. 


Even though Windfarm Nature Escape gave an effort in setting up their camp to give you the most relaxing experience while you are with them, should you wish to camp or car camp on the property, it is also possible. With ten tent installations, there is still a lot of space for you to car camp or pitch a tent for the night. With cellular signal for both globe and smart, it is an easy choice for those who have a work-from-home setup! Imagine having to capability to work while spending precious time with your family outdoors is a rare opportunity that is possible at Windfarm Nature Escape.


Final Thoughts

It is, without a doubt, the place to go to for your family when you want to go glamping and for those who would like to try camping. The amenities and the comfort when staying at Windfarm Nature Escape is what highlight our stay and what will highlight your stay when you get to decide to camp with them. Again, two thumbs up to Windfarm Nature escape for the glamping experience!


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