We have made schedules to re-visit the campsite to write a new review article.

Hunting for campsites high in the mountains was next on my list to visit. Beautiful overlooking views are one of the many things I look for when I scout for campsites. And as usual, some have recommended for me to try out Viewscapes Nature’s Park at Tanay, Rizal. It claims to have the best view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, cold temperatures, and unrestricted clean breeze.

I’ve looked them up, pin them on my Waze app, packed my gear, and set for an overnight camping adventure.

Viewscapes Nature’s Park is an estimated 35 hectare campsite, situated at the mountains of Tanay, Rizal. It has been the crowd favorite for most who live within Metro Manila as it is very accessible and quick to drive to. It calls for peace and tranquility for their visitors who wish to desensitize themselves from the everyday habit of life. More or less, more than half of the campsite is dedicated for guest camping and the rest is dedicated to being caretakers of nature and for their dragon fruit plantation which adds to the pureness of the nature experience.


Viewscapes Nature’s Park is around 2 hours from Metro Manila, accessible via Antipolo, Marikina-Infanta Highway.

Routes to the campsite is fairly easy. 98% of the route is paved and is accessible by all vehicles. Guests coming from Metro Manila will traverse the Antipolo and guests who are coming from Laguna and Batangas can either choose to ride through SLEX or through Pililla Rizal.

Vehicle Accessibility

The only unpaved road leading to the campsite would be the final turn of entry. I must say it would be accessible to any vehicle when its dry. But when it is wet, it is fairly dangerous for sedans to traverse the off road terrain. We even experienced a family, who had to get off a sedan in order for the vehicle to get of a big hump. I must say, some parts are a “under scraper” for sedans. However, even when the road is dry, my we remind our readers that the uneven road should be ridden with caution for those who have sedans. Yes it is passable, but you have to pick your path carefully.



Viewscapes has been on point on keeping nature as pure as possible. On the other hand, they have made the camping grounds as accommodating as possible for all kinds of campers. There is very minimal structures installed within the campsite. Only a small structure on the left part of the site and a common bath and wash area on the other end are the one of the few cemented installations.

Make sure to bring a jacket if you’re staying late as temperatures really do get cooler as the sun sets. The combination of the relaxing breeze and chilly temperatures will be a perfect match for setting up a campfire and gathering around it for a chat with drinks.

They also have tipi hut like structures near the dragon fruit plantation for those who would like to sleep in a more sheltered setting. This gives you the best view when you wake up as these installations face the sunrise where the the sea of clouds hug the tip of the mountains of Sierra Madre. Not to worry as the tent pitching area is also situated behind these huts which also gives a wide view of the best scene mother nature has to offer. A little less to say when you are going to car camp. The car camp area is placed near the entrance of the campsite, which is the area where is best as the terrain is almost flat.

Going back to the nature experience, it might be a good idea to plan out when you are going to the campsite. We were greeted by the lovely clouds the day we came, and that turned out to casting rainfall in the evening. So if you would happen to love taking photos at night or just star gaze, having to arrive at the campsite on clear skies will reward you with a spectacular view of the stars as some of my friends have told me beforehand. As for me, I was only able to take a good photo of the moon before it hid behind the clouds that night.


Pricing as follows:

Accommodation Details
Day Tour – P150.00
Overnight – P250.00
Camping Tent (Good for 4 Pax) – P500.00
Camping Mattress – P100.00
Tent Pitching (Any sizes) – P200.00
Car Camping/Car Tenting/Roof Tent – P500.00
Family Room with Toilet & Bath (Good for 4Pax) – P4,000.00
Family Room outside Toilet & Bath (Good for 4 Pax) – P2,500.00
Guest Room with Toilet & Bath (Good for 2Pax) – P2,500.00
Single Room outside Toilet & Bath (Good for 2Pax) – P2,000.00
Glamping Rooms (Good for 4Pax) – P2,500.00
*Note when availing rooms entrance fee is waived*

Final Thoughts

It would be an easy recommendation to camp at Viewscapes Nature’s Park if you are looking to relax and quiet out. The best strategy I can suggest is to camp out at the tent pitching area as there is a higher chance that your neighbor are looking for the same experience. As for my personal experience, I have only seen one group at the car camping area that were enjoying up until wee hours but their noise volume weren’t that loud.

It’s a nice place to bring your family or someone special for an overnight or even just for a day trip. Pair your camp recipe with a nice cup of coffee or favorite drink and it will surely paint a smile on you and your bring-a-long’s faces.

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