As most of us are longing for some alone, quiet, and intimate time outside the confines of our home, many are in search of that quiet campsite they would want to go to. A campsite that focuses on your purpose of camping, and your personal space to release all the tensions within. A campsite with all the elements you may need to feel you are with nature. And a campsite that will stun your senses and keep your valuable silence rising to the surface.

There are campsites (check my other articles) that I have been to that gave a great experience, but the things I have mentioned present in one campsite was yet to be discovered.

MotoKampo has ventured to a place only a handful have visited but all of them have recommended it with high regard. It is our responsibility to take a dip and truly experience what others have been buzzing about. Notice that we’ve intentionally versed this in the past tense? Come and indulge your eyes and read through, you’ll know why. We do hope you would plan out and pack your bags for Two Rivers Campsite after this full review.


Two Rivers Campsite sits at the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountain – Southern Range located at Tanay, Rizal. The campsite is exactly 45.5 kms from SM City Marikina and is traversed via the Marikina-Infanta Highway, turning left at Sta. Ines road that leads to the destination. As others may know that Sta. Ines is the infamous accessway to the famous Kinabuan Falls. Thus, the campsite sits exactly on the river in between two mountains.

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Terrain: 95% Cemented – 5% gravel

Vehicle Types: All vehicles are capable

Route to the campsite is very easy to drive to as there will only be minimal pathways that are unpaved. And despite the lack of cemented roads along Sta. Ines Road, all of these are flat and firm enough for any type of vehicle; regardless of weather. We only experienced one dip on the route but this is easy even for sedans to pass on. Many might ask how to commute to the campsite, but we would highly recommend renting out a van or any vehicle for that matter since public tricycles might be hard to come by and would be charging a high price for the trip into the campsite. Plus the convenience of having a vehicle on site would be needed if you happen to need sudden trips for things you might need to buy. There are small tindahans within Sta. Ines road but you would need to drive it.

The terrain inside the campsite is flat and firm. Any vehicle, situated in any part of the campsite, regardless of weather will be able to leave the campsite without any problems.



Now for the good part! Two Rivers Campsite is a fairly small campsite, about a thousand sq. meters. But oh boy their backyard is breathtaking! As you enter their property, the view of the river (and the mountain behind it) is figuratively waving you a warm welcome.

It makes you want to just park your vehicle, drop everything and dip into the cold river water. The campsite was equally impressive. Trees hugged the perimeter of the site with only one standing tall near the entrance giving more shade to their guests.

The friendly owners kept the site pristine and with respect. They do have teepees and a family teepee house (beside the entrance gate) available for those who would opt to be more sheltered but these were built to blend within the nature concept. Despite us having camping gear, putting myself in the shoes of guests who would opt to rent the teepees, they were well thought of to be placed just for you to have a pleasing view of the campsite.

They do also have tents for rent if camping out in a tent is your fancy. There are lights installed but all for the purpose of security. To us, it wasn’t a bother and us being nature conscious, all of the lights are solar dependent.

The sun rises from the river side and sets from the entrance side.The darkness was stunning. We stayed on the lake even after the sun had set; this was the best seat in the house as you gaze upon the unobstructed view of the stars in the sky. We just stayed and relaxed on the river up until dinner time called us back. And since it was a cold night, we had Creamy Chicken Sopas (recipe here) and Inihaw na Liempo for dinner!

 As we sat on the river, the subtle flow of the water across your body soothed us while a tree full of fireflies lit up by the distance stunned us and melted us from the inside. It was a one of a lifetime experience for all of us and one that will be a talk over campfire for the next camping trips we will embark on.

Campfires are also available on the campsite. Just ask them if you wish to sit on the rocks around the campfire and they will gladly let you have the experience. Temperature at the time of our visit was cool and comfortable. This was accompanied with a silent breeze of air that will pass by from time to time. Be ready with your blankets as the temperatures do drop as time digs deep into the night. We were all under our blankets with our tents zipped up when we were all in bed.

Sunrise at the campsite was equally stunning. The spread of red sun rays are most visible during sunrise. And I must say, waking up to a pink campsite was extraordinary. Not only does the sunrise paint a smile on your face in the morning, but the fog that crawled into the campsite added that extra “oomph” to every morning you will be at the campsite. Now that’s what we were all waiting for in every camping trip, and Two Rivers Campsite not only did not disappoint but shined through.

Finally, getting a chance to chit chat with one of the owners, according to them, they make sure that you are comfortably situated within the campsite. In most cases, if you book a section of the campsite, they make sure you are distant to your camp neighbor. Boy oh boy this makes a difference if you would want to camp in silence. Please do take note that there is no signal reception on the campsite which many might find of a concern. But to us, being off the grid is what true camping should be. To us, camping is opening your senses and succumbing to what nature has to offer. And being off the grid will surely make this easier.



Pricing are as follows:


  • 1 Giant Teepee (good for 6 pax): Php 5,500
      • Additional bed (up to 2 pax addt’l) Php 250/bed
  • Tribal Village: Fits 2 pax per teepee (3 teepees available): Php 5,500
      • Additional bed (up to 3 pax addt’l) Php 250/bed
  • Glass Teepee: Fits 2 pax: Php 1,750
      • Additional bed (up to 1 pax addt’l): Php 250/bed
  • Car/Tent Pitching: Php 500 per head
  • Car Parking: Php 100 per car
  • LGU and IP fee: Php 30/head
  • Tour to the falls
    • Php 500 for tour guide
    • Php 100 per head for environmental fee

There is a small sari-sari store outside of the campsite for your stuff you might need. But you would happen to need ingredients for your camp lunch or dinner, you will have to drive back.

Final thoughts

Final Thoughts

The writing of this article was all from memory. As vivid as it is, the campsite has painted our memories full of experiences we will always share. As I have mentioned, I have written the introduction of this article in the past tense. All of what I have written was from my memory and it is still vivid in my head as well. I was supposed to pull out my tablet, write notes for this article for my future needs, but the experience and the photos were more than enough for me. I can’t help but slide my tablet back in my bag and savor everything the campsite has to offer. It was short but sweet and unforgettable. The true view of mother earth was just at length and that was the true meaning and reason why MotoKampo camps. Some might say that true camping is sleeping within the rawest of nature. However, for most of us who would want to desensitize or to bring the family or your special partner closer, nature is in your backyard. Finally, for most of us at MotoKampo, we have found our new favorite campsite. Please check them out and hit them a message!



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