Camping has been existent for decades. Many if not all of us have already experienced camping out when we were young. And others have found camping a regular leisurely hobby that they do every weekend. But why do many have given their time to camp out and many have extended an invite to family and friends to camp out as well? What is with camping, in general, that is so enticing to many and what are the benefits when we go camping?


I, myself, had been camping for quite some time. With enough time I have given thought to why exactly am I doing such and why I have been repeating it again. Here are some pointers, not in order of importance, that I have listed down. So sit back, crack open a bottle of beer or soda, and enjoy reading through. Let me know what you think; if you agree entirely or disagree on certain points.


It is a form of exercise

Camping demands you to move even before leaving the confines of your home. Packing out your gear and going out to buy the essentials you need when you camp will require energy from you. And as you hit the campsite, you will have to set up your campground. Whether you are pitching a tent or opening your overland rooftop tent, the effort is required. What would be the most exciting exercise yet is when you start exploring the outdoors after setting up. Even just by walking around and seeing the outdoors, better yet taking a hike to the remote sights to see near your campgrounds will be enough to get your body going and well circulated. And hey, it might raise your heart rate up and give you a proper workout, without getting bored when you do it. Regardless, relaxing outdoors is better for your body rather than sitting on an office chair for hours at a time.


It’s a great way to bond with family and friends

Camping is great when you want to reconnect with family and/or friends. Yes, you can reconnect by going out in a mall. However, camping focus on doing simple things together. Eating out and shopping feeds you happiness through self-satisfaction. Enjoy what you love eating, and buying what you have been saving up in your favorite store will definitely put a smile on your face, and having to be with family and friends is great. But in camping, helping out in pitching tents, exploring the wilderness together, and gathering around a campfire with food that many have collectively made an effort in making is the reconnection that camping emphasizes. It lets you appreciate the person you are with and share a precious time that you may not want from him/her, but you may need to get to know the person more.


It’s a form of therapy

For many who live in a busy urban life, taking a break for even just for a day or two is enough to get them the restart they need to push through. Many of whom I’ve met on campsites are there because they needed a timeout from work or from the concrete jungle they live in. I highly agree and this is one of the reasons why I started camping out. Camping lets you relax and break into the silence you need and long for. Even better when you go to remote places where there is little to no reception; it keeps you away from your gadgets and stress from work or school. More time is available to focus on yourself, your dreams, your plans, and how to actually achieve what you wish in life. Why not just go on a holiday? Well, I found out that I get to do all those things I have said more when you are in a quiet place within what mother earth has to offer. No distractions, all nature. I have considered camping as a holiday trip for less. Come to think of it, I get to enjoy the outdoors for less money compared to booking a hotel in a remote place. If I can drive it through, I’ll consider it as an overland adventure.


It makes you genuinely happier

Not before I dive into the point, let me enlighten you that camping is no longer how you have envisioned it back when you were young. There are a lot of innovations in camping equipment that let you stay outdoors for extended periods of time, comfortably. Nowadays, we oven hear the word Overlanding, where people have purposely upgraded the back of their SUVs or Pickups to accommodate a more relaxing camp in the outdoors. Now with this said, having to spend time with your mates or special someone in the outdoors, around a campfire lets you boil the genuine happiness within you. Having to enjoy company while being comfortable and knowing that you are in the bush under the night sky is one of the ways to be genuinely happy.


Mother Nature is best for your overall wellbeing

In addition to the previous note, camping slows down the time. It forces your mind to take a pause and take a deep breath. Most of us require us to work indoors and work in itself requires your mind to run like clockwork. Being in the outdoors lets you slow down the pace and open your senses to the little things life has to offer. To me, even the meals I eat at camp seem to be more fun to indulge in than having to be all dressed up in a fine dining restaurant. No constraints, no expectations, just pure fun, and relaxation. It also means that I do have to succumb to the pressure of life for a while. That alone, even just for an overnight stay is enough to relieve my body and soul from all the stress that life demands. Not to say that camping can be a reason to run away from real-life problems, but we all do agree that we should need to step back and relax from time to time to be able to have enough energy to march on and tackle the things that bother you and complete the tasks that you have to accomplish in work or in school.


It develops life skills

Camping forces you to practice your survival skills. Even the simple things as starting a fire and grilling on the camp can mean a lot. It trains you on how to rely on yourself and that can be brought over into other aspects of life. And when you start camping for extended periods, the discipline on how to budget your resources will also be at play. Who knows, these things would even be helpful on your normal everyday chores.


Overall, camping provides a lot more positive attributes over than the opposite. Not only does this gives you a sense of happiness overall, but you’d also be able to reap the benefits for way cheaper than going to a holiday destination.

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