As camping in the Metro has become more popular, it has finally urged a lot of families to go out and spend valuable time bonding with each other. And as many of these families who take an interest, it is often a question where you can start experiencing camping/car camping.

Tanay has been a go-to for campers and alike; as there are a lot of campsites to choose from. But there is a newborn campsite within the area that does shine more on setting their camp up to cater to families who would love to spend an overnight under the stars. This is why we were excited to send them a message in order to gather more information.

This article is for all the families who would want to try camping for the first time.


The Preserve Campsite is an est 2000-3000 square meter property situated within the infamous Sta. Ines Road, Tanay, Rizal. As for some who may already know, Sta. Ines Road is the pathway to the Kinabuan Falls and this is where many campsites in tanay are found. It is around 43kms away from SM Marikina, traversing the Marikina-Infanta Highway.

Vehicle access is available for all forms of vehicle. As the roads to the campsite are 99% paved. The campground is fairly flat and is easy to drive through even on rainy days. If you’re a family with small vehicles (like a Toyota Wigo) you can get to camp without any worries. The only note for small vehicles is the final ramp coming to the gates of the campsite. It is fairly steep for tiny vehicles; so give your car a fair bit of gas as you climb up the ramps on the way home.



The main highlight and what many of you will notice as you arrive is the 360-degree view of the mountain ranges. The property sits along the river, perfectly around two mountain ranges. This gives the camp enough shelter against harsh winds and sun rays. The only time you would feel the sun is during mid-day when the sun is up directly above you. Finally, they have the river flowing beside the camp, low enough for kids to play all day.

The campsites have conveniently installed sinks along the right side of the campsite for families to use for cleaning the dishes. Beside these sinks are viewing decks made out of wood. These decks are used either as a “common space” or you can even pitch your tents on the decks to make it look like a mini private space (view decks are for rent). The rest is bare land, big enough for other families to pitch on. Finally, as of this writing, there are two family-sized tents already pitched within the campsite. I was told that the one near the river was for rental. Just do kindly ask the management through their Facebook page prior to your booking.

Since the campsite is fairly young, and as for all campsites, they currently have a few construction projects ongoing. They do have solar light installations, spread across the entire property. This gives the camp enough lighting for walking through the campgrounds and aid for the security. Please do note that the campsite does not have electricity, so be ready with fully charged LED Lamps when you arrive at the campsite. Finally, there is no wifi nor any cellular signal within the campsite.

One of the “main attractions” that we have noticed is the gorgeous comfort room and shower room that they have built for their guests. They have two shower rooms and two toilets for families to use of. At the main entrance is the common sink you can use for washing and taking a brush. As many of our readers ask how comfortable (or how bushcraft) the comfort rooms are, this one takes the cake! As one of the members of MotoKampo awarded the campsite with the “best in comfort room” award.

The reason why we have highlighted the comfort room is that the campsite is also constructing a simple transient house at the far end of the campsite, catering to families who would also want to bring family members who might not be physically capable of sleeping within tents. That said, it has painted me the idea that the campsite is really a camp for families to spend those very precious time with their loved ones. The management has also planted trees within the camp, to add shade and tranquility when the time these trees grow.

As night falls into the camp, temperatures do fall as well. We were advised to bring blankets and jackets as temperatures do drop within the length of Sta. Ines Road. As we cook our supper, one by one, we were all putting on our jackets. The evening was calm and cold. And the river served as a never-ending white noise, that put us to sleep early. At around 3 am, the temperature continued to drop as a short burst of rainfall visited us at camp.

Finally, the sunrise was as calming. As the sun peaked through the mountains, it was subtle enough for our eyes as we boil our way into making coffee for everyone at camp. And as we all finish our breakfast, it was all time for us to pack our stuff and say goodbye.


Pricing is as follows:

Day Trip: Php 450/head/night

Overnight Stay: Php 600/head/night

*The use of the entire campsite, comfort rooms, parking slot fee, the environmental fee is included.

Please do note that there is a tent for rental available. For pricing, please contact the management prior to booking.


The Preserve, Cayabu Tanay is a place for all sorts, especially for those who would like to give camping a try and for those who would want to bring the entire family to enjoy an overnight stay feeling the outdoors. Perhaps, a few may consider The Preserve Campsite as a safe place (or a home base) to go to for a quick getaway. The owners of the property have made this place a sanctuary for their family even before they’ve opened their doors to the public. And with them being hands-on with all the developments of the property, it is yet for us to take a second visit and see what The Preserve would look like up and fully running. Regardless, we at MotoKampo enjoyed our stay. And we are quite sure, even at its current development, you and your family will definitely enjoy what they have to offer.

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