Time and time again, we have been coming back to Sta Ines, Tanay, Rizal to camp as it is one of the best places to sleep under the stars. And as we’ve visited Ecoside Agricultural Farm and Campsite, from our last trip to Sta Ines, there is another campsite (beside it) that has been in our eyes and we’re keen to visit.


It is a campsite that we will surely enjoy the same way as we have enjoyed the other campsites along the river. And what stands out for us upon getting a first-hand experience of the camp is the peaceful and humble feeling it gives to its visitors. Perhaps, a feeling that will be the best suit for those who would want to camp in peace and silence.



Marahuyo Riverhills sits after the 3rd river crossing, along the river of Sta Ines Road. The campsite is around 48kms from SM City Marikina, traversing the Marikina-Infanta Highway. Now for many, getting to camp is now a little easier than it used to be as the river crossings have now been tamed by the constant passing of vehicles over the years. Regardless of the fact, each and every visitor that will traverse the river crossings should be very careful when passing through. A subcompact SUV (even motorcycles) is now the minimum if you want to get to camp. But if you own a standard SUV, there will be no problems in crossing the rivers.




For us, getting to camp has been a familiar experience, yet still a fun one. And as for the first-timers, this will definitely be an unforgettable one that you will surely share with others. As mentioned in our article on Ecoside Agricultural Farm and Campsite, the first part of the trip within Sta Ines road is fairly easy as it is mostly paved. And for the road after the 2nd river cross, it is also paved as well. As you approach the first river, please be aware of a small fork road on the left. It is noticeable as there are campsite signs installed on the fork road. The reason behind this is you have an easier option should you decide that the main river cross is not for you. As always, do wade on the water and check for the depth of the water before crossing. And should you decide not to take any chances, you can always detour back to the easier road.

After successfully crossing the first river, the second crossing will also give you options. The local government has made efforts on making the right side of the river easier for many to cross. But if you still want the rush, then the left side is the one they offer. Finally, you know you are on the right track if you see the river cross with a steel bridge on the left. Make the cross and you are minutes away from getting to camp. The camp is located on the left and one big sign that you are there is their entrance gate. The gate is made out of steel frames painted in black with bamboo woods for its body. Just do give them a knock and they are happy to open the gates for you.

Marahuyo Riverhills is a quarter-hectare property with a river that sits along with it. Compared to other campsites beside it, it is small in a positive way. Since it is a small and humble campsite, the owners of the campsite have told us that they limit the number of groups they allow to camp in a day. This makes the camping experience more personal and quieter for you. The campsite has two areas, area 1 is the upper side on the left of the entrance. This is where the family’s kitchen is located and is also where the bathroom is. On the other hand, area two is on the right side of the camp. If you are looking for a more secluded and silent area, then this one is for you. Regardless of which area you chose, the experience is quite beautiful. From any point within the camp, you will hear the calm flow of the river, which adds to the relaxing feeling you are looking for. In addition to the sound of the water, frequent winds that pass by add to the experience of being in the wilderness. And as the sun sets, rays of light paint a wonderful site on the campsite. 

At the time we camped, the weather wasn’t on our side. Overcasts quickly visited us and painted a greyscale pallet on the campsite. But boy oh boy! The fog quickly came which hugged the campsite and gave a totally different experience! With a medium fog and with few droplets of rain, our experience totally shifted as we rarely experienced camping in these kinds of conditions. The camp was beautiful from a totally different perspective! It felt like being in Baguio during the colder season (but with warmer temperatures). What is fascinating is the constant change the campsite has given us. As the night falls deeper, the clouds slowly broke apart and displayed the masterpiece we were all waiting for. There was the sky, with all the stars shining with all its glory! Each and every star visible to mankind was there. All twinkling through the night. Luck was on our side and we will be able to steal photos for us to share with everyone. At last, we were happy and contented before we went to bed.


Pricing is as follows:

💎 Entrance fee : 100daytour /200 overnight – kids below 5 ,seniors, dogs – free

💎 Car camping fee – 500

💎 Moto camping – 200

💎 Bonfire fee – 200 ( we will provide woods)

💎 2 burner gas stove – 500

🤸‍♀️Exclusive use for max of 15 pax and 4 cars for 22 hours – 5,000

Day trippers: 8am to 6pm.

Overnighters: 3pm to 1pm.

Final Thoughts

This one goes to our viewers who love to camp in complete silence. If you are the type of camper who wish to camp in a silent and relaxing way, then this one should be on your list. As we have been in Sta Ines, Tanay, Rizal countless times, for us, Marahuyo Riverhills is a camp that you have to try, should you be in need of a more personal and peaceful experience. With a couple who first-handily take care of us, the camp and its previous visitors, it is surely one of a kind for you and your family as well.

Finally, this is what we love about Sta Ines in general. Even though we are only visitors to the land, we always end up making new friends. Perhaps, for the sake of the owners of Marahuyo Riverhills, they are another addition to our family. And Marahuyo Riverhills is now and hopefully a forever home that we will always cherish in our hearts. Definitely, we are truly happy that we made our way to this campsite, and we hope that you do too.

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