Caliraya, a man made lake situated in Cavinti Laguna, is one of the places not to far from Metro Manila that most family and friends go to for a quick vacation. There are several private houses and lake fronts that are available for accommodation.

Kaliraya Surf Kamp is one of the places that caters to those who want to rent out a cottage and to those who would want to camp out.

And as for us, we decided to give it a try and experience the place that many are talking about.


Kaliraya Surf Kamp is around 100kms from Metro Manila, accessible via SLEX or via Tanay Rizal.

Routes to the campsite will depend where you will be coming from. Most will traverse via SLEX and exit at the Bucal-bypass road or Calamba Exit if you wish to pass by calamba for prior camping purchase at SM Calamba. On the other hand, Cavinti Laguna is also accessible via Tanay Rizal. Just make sure to pass by the Pililla wind mills if you happen to have time. It is quite a view on it own.

Vehicle Accessibility

The only unpaved road you will encounter is when you arrive at the campsite. And even that is accessible by all vehicles. One word of caution is during rainy seasons, you may want to park on flat ground and not along the trees on the left side of the site as it gets muddy and slippery. But, in most cases you wont get into any dilemmas.



Kaliraya Surf Kamp has done a great job keeping the nature vibe spot on. They do have “bunker cabins” installed, however it doesn’t spoil the entire atmosphere of the campsite. Both the grass lands and the tree lines are in it’s best shape, and it is a very good decision for them to fence up the open area where tent pitching is designated.

There are common lights installed for pathways and developed installations (common bathroom and cafe), but from the lamp post at the intersection is the last light there is. Beyond this, up until the lake, is bare nature.

If you wish to car camp, the possible areas available in the space near the information building and the left side area beside the parking site. Do note that you do have to really select a spot when you pitch a tent at that area since the abundance of tree roots makes it difficult to do so.

The main camping spot on the other hand is breathtaking. It is wide and open, great for star gazing at night. Unrestricted which is great for the lake’s breeze to soothe you at night. And is positioned perfectly to witness the sunrise and sunset. As mentioned, it is fenced up so car camping in this very area is not possible.


Pricing is subjective, but to me it is a little on the higher side when it comes to camping. However, tent pitching  and corkage is absolutely free regardless of quantity.

Pricing are as follows:

  • Entrance Fee: Php500/pax/night (250/pax/day tour)
  • Car Parking (regardless if with or without roof tent): Php200/car/night
  • Motorcycle Parking: Php100/motorcycle/night

Other pricing:

  • Tiny house (air conditioned w/ toilet and bath – good for 2pax):
    • Weekday: Php4,000/night
    • Weekend: Php5,500/night
  • Bunk House (electric fan only – good for 8pax)
    • Weekday: Php5,000/night
    • Weekend: Php6,500/night

Rush purchases:

If you happen to need to buy additional drinks, condiments, ice, butane canisters, these are available at the tindahan located just outside the gate of Surf Kamp. So if you happen to forget things, you still have a chance in purchasing them when you arrive there. For meat tho, you will have to travel to Sta. Cruz Market.

Final Thoughts

Kaliraya Surf Kamp is definitely a place to camp for those would like to experience spending a night out in the open. And for those who do have experience in camping/overlanding, it might me a little developed for your taste. But hey, if you’re taking the family out on a camp, the wife and kids would definitely enjoy!

One of the reasons why I go camp is to get myself to relax and reset. The quiet atmosphere, cool breeze, and the smell of nature definitely took me away from the busy life. Its two thumbs up for me on that note.

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