Batangas is well known as a place to relax. For families and friends who would want to take a step back from the everyday grind, most route out to Batangas for a beach, resort, or a campsite to stay in over the weekend. At the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas is a campsite that we at MotoKampo visited and can recommend to anyone. Whether you are camping with the family or with friends, this is a campsite that can easily be one of your top choices. Staying at Harvest Hills Family Farm is a choice that you won’t regret.


NASUGBU Batangas

Harvest Hills Family Farm is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Metro Manila. For many, getting to the campsite is via Tagaytay, Cavite. Thus, you and the gang can definitely spend your lunch at Tagaytay before driving to camp. 


All roads to Harvest Hills Family Farm are paved. This means any vehicle can get to camp with ease. There are no vehicle height clearance requirements, and there are no river crossings that you will have to traverse. Please do note that it is recommended to pin Tala Elementary School as a stop when you set your directions on your GPS. This is for you to pass through the fastest and easiest route to camp. Finally, the owner has also asked us to meet them at the said school in order for them to guide you through the narrow Reparo Road. Not that you will get lost, but as safety for blind corners and climbs in case there are oncoming vehicles. 


As soon as you enter the gates of the camp, the vast view of the campsite, as well as the mountains from the distance, will greet you in a majestic fashion. The camp alone, a 3-hectare property, is so vast and wide, that it will make you feel that you are nowhere near civilization. In fact, you will see the horses and dogs of the owner roaming around the property. We cannot explain enough how big the land is for your kids and pets to roam and run around safely.


Harvest Hills Family Farm currently has seven (7) camp spots to choose from. They are so distant from each other to the point that you won’t actually hear your neighbor at any time of the day. Each camping spot is also big enough to host a huge family or barkada and can fit up to 4 vehicles parked how you want it. As you come to pick the camp spot you wish, Camp one and four have view decks/kubos that you can also use either as a dining area or as sleeping quarters. The Kubo at camp one has an outlet that you can freely use to charge your devices. Finally, should you have family members who might have a hard time in sleeping in tents, we recommend camp seven as this is where the private house is available to use.

Camp Seven basically entitles you to your own private kubo, kitchen, and bonfire area. It is technically an exclusive area for those who would want to stay in a more private fashion. The wooden house has three sleeping quarters, and the entire camp spot is with electricity. There are also fairy lights on the tree beside the wooden house that you can set up on with tables and chairs for when you gather around at night. Camp seven is also the camp with the best view of the mountains that stand tall around the property. There are several bathrooms installed at camp. It’s divided for use by gender. It’s also fascinating that they have bathrooms that have no roof and with plants installed. It does feel like you are taking a shower in open nature. Finally, they have stainless sinks near the bathrooms for you to conveniently wash your dishes after meals.


After a short chat with the owner and caretakers, we’ve immediately parked our vehicle in one of the camp spots and set up camp. Just do remember to double secure your tents and awnings with pegs and guy ropes as the high winds will definitely try to remove your setups from the ground. For us, we had to really secure our awning as we have had several encounters where our awning almost flew off. And for our tent, we made sure to open all windows in order to let the high winds pass through instead of taking the tent with it.  As we finished setting up camp, we’ve settled down and made coffee. 


Just below the camping grounds is the river where you can swim on and enjoy the afternoon. To the left of the river is the natural jacuzzi, shaded enough by the trees that cool down the water. There is also a make-shift bamboo platform at the riverside for you to leave your things or to cook meryenda should you wish to do so. For us, it was a treat for us to spend the afternoon swimming in the river as the summer sun stood high above us with its intense heat. Letting the water flow through your body while drinking a can of beer is an experience you might want to try. Time flew fast as the sun finally set. We finally climbed back up to camp to prep for the evening’s dinner.

The evening was jaw-dropping as you gaze upon the vast sky. Just as darkness hid the entire campsite, the stars were then wide awake to display their glory. There were no obstructions to the view above. The moon shined enough to illuminate the camp and give a cozy feeling. And as the creatures of the night start to chirp, the cold breeze was there to calm and slow your senses down to a more relaxed state. It was another breathtaking moment for us. As we lit up our fire pit, we were all dead quiet in a moment’s time. The fact that all of us sat in silence all at the same time told us that it was a campsite that we all wanted to cherish personally. For me, it was a moment that I will never forget.

We were visited by the caretaker, Kuya Rommel, and have invited us as they lit a huge bonfire. We gladly obliged and gathered around the warm and bright fire while chit-chatting as we drank our beers for the night. As we were joined by the owner, Sir Eric, stories were exchanged and friendly relationships were built. We headed back to our camp spot, drank and talked a few more, and then finally called it a night.


As the morning arrived, the endless wind never left us. In fact, it was one of the most comfortable sleep I had at camp as I didn’t even have to turn on any portable fan. The morning was slow, calm, and quiet. The river was loud enough to be heard from above, which gave a relaxing white noise while we woke up one by one. Finally, we made breakfast, then packed slowly packed up for our departure that afternoon.


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Whether you’re going out on a camping trip with your family or even enjoy the outdoors with your friends within Batangas, then you may definitely want to consider Harvest Hills Family Farm. Also, if you would happen to be a new camper and is looking for an easy camp to stay overnight or even for longer periods then, you will be able to enjoy and appreciate this campsite without any hicups. Its truly an easy recommendation for us without any hesitation to give Harvest Hills Family Farm as an answer for anyone who would ask us which are the best campsites in Batangas that one can visit!

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