Batangas is famous for quick outings and getaways for family and friends. The stretch from Lian, all the way to Calatagan Batangas is generally a prime choice for a vacation due to the numerous resorts that are open for accommodation. Some are designed to be a four to five-star oasis, and some are just plain and simple for the everyday folk. One of these resorts, located at the very south of Calatagan, focused more on the camping style and setup for their resort. So we packed our things and set ourselves for a 3 days 2 nights adventure.

Edna’s Beach and Campsite, an est 500 – 700m beachfront campsite, located 9.5km south from the boundary of Calatagan and Lian, is a sanctuary that is now slowly gaining popularity amongst locals and even for us who came all the way from Metro Manila. The basic layout of the property is focused on when you simply want to pitch your tent on the rough sands of Batangas, cook and dine with friends or family, and wake up to a clear blue scene from the sky to sea. Since it is more or less a campsite, most of the things you will need will be coming from what you will pack and prepare.

The team has decided to pull the trigger and make reservations for October 30 till November 1, 2021.

We did call the resort prior and paid Php 1,000 to secure our reservation (this will be deducted to the final bill upon entry).

We have also decided to get the Mondeli Exclusive area since it is 8 of us that are coming on this trip.

What is the Mondeli Exclusive, you might ask? Edna’s Beach and Campsite has a portion of the beachfront cut into four that is intended for a “private” experience, then the rest is basically regular use. The exclusive sites are more or less a 50sqm area, enclosed by fences. This gives the guests a huge amount of space for themselves to do what they wish (as long as it is within the rules of the campsite), and it also gives the guests a huge distance from the other guests within the campsite. On the other hand, the regular area is an est 300m stretch of beachfront where guests are allowed to pitch their tents and park their rigs to where ever they want. This is also why we have opted for the exclusive area as we overheard a group of campers, who were already drunk, making loud noises and arguing with security.


The resort itself is available for search for both Waze and Google maps.

Google Maps: 

Vehicle Accessibility

The resort is accessible for all types of vehicles. Easily driven from motorcycles to 4×4 suvs and trucks. Be careful only if you have a sedan or any 4×2 vehicle and you’re planning to park your vehicle along the beach (car camp). The sand near the beach is loose and might cause you some trouble if your vehicle gets stuck in the sand (we encountered a Chevy Trailblazer that got stuck). As 4×4 enthusiasts, it is possible to have your vehicle parked along the beach line but let your vehicle roll its wheels over the sand. Too much acceleration will spin the wheels and dig into the sand.



The geolocation of the resort is located in the south western part of Batangas. Thus, gusts of winds pushing from the highlands of Tagaytay to the low lands of the Balayan and Lemery, east of Calatagan, are apparent and frequent. Temperature varies depending on the season. It might affect the comfort of sleep if you happen to camp in an open-air setup, but rest assured, face the entrance of your sleeping quarter to the east and you will definitely catch the wind to make it more comfortable.

Taking photos is best during sunsets as the resort faces the west. As the sun sets on the horizon, the clear view of the resort to the Verde Island Passage spreads the orange to red rays of the sun, making photos stunning even through smartphone lenses.

Even on the sunniest of days, the beach wont disappoint when you aim for Instagram worthy photos. The vast amount of trees within the camping areas are ample if you want to stay under a shade.

Unfortunately, Batangas beaches are not favorable if you’re particular to sand. The sand is rough and course to my linking to the very least. But you can get by as it wasn’t a bother to me or to my friends.

Most claimed that the camp is really a worth to visit but the beach is another story. And I won’t disagree. On high tides, the water is only knee deep (even at a kilometer away). And during low tides, it is basically a big damp sandbox. However, in general, to me, tying in the winds, the color of the sea, sand in between your toes, and the warmth of the sun hitting your skin, the entire experience wont disappoint.


The camping fees are priced fairly. Comparing their price with other campsites, and putting their amenities into consideration, prices are not far off. Based from observation, the more developed the campsite is, the higher the price. For what the campsite charges I cannot complain.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Entrance Fee: Php 300/pax/night
  • Tent Pitching Fee:
    • Small – Medium: Php 200/tent/night
    • Large – XL: Php 300/tent/night
  • Tent Rental: Php 700/night
  • Car park along the beach: Php 300/car/night
    • If with car awning and/or roof tent: Php 500/car/night

Exclusive Campsite: Php 5,000 consumable (This will cover the entrance, tent pitching, car park fees. Enough for 8 persons and above)

I can’t say the same for the other fees. One of the reasons why we opted for the exclusive area is for us to be able to light up our own bonfire. As we inquired where to get wood for, it turns out that we have to pay for the bonfire. I did hesitate, but a fellow camper told me that since this is a privately owned resort, you do have to expect for charges. And so we did pay without and complaints nor hesitations.

Thinking of it, there is a cost to making firewood available, but for other campsites these are included within the experience for free (some will regulate the amount of wood you will consume). It is a subjective topic that we would let our readers decide on.

There is a small sari-sari store at the campsite that caters to most of the things you will need during the stay. But do note that their prices are a little bit on the high side since you are paying for convenience (e.g. bag of ice is 100 pesos).

Other Fees (that we actually purchased):

  • Bonfire: 300 pesos
  • Bag of Ice: 100 pesos
    • Half bag: 50 pesos
  • Sugar (aprox a cup): 10 pesos

If you don’t happen to have a griller to bring, no worries, they do have an common area for grilling. They do also have uling available if you happen to need more than what you have brought.

Final Thoughts

Putting things into perspective, if you are the kind of person who has the proper overland rig, or has the backpacking arsenal, or has a motorcycle camper setup, this will be an easy camping experience for you. The way I see it, Edna’s Beach and Campsite aims to make the camping experience available to most if not all. And with the current setup of the resort and what they have available on site, they surely live up to the expectations.

So if you and your family are just starting out with camping or would just like to experience the fun in camping that everyone is talking about nowadays, then Edna’s Beach and Campsite won’t disappoint. Just bring the basics (tent, chairs, cooler, powerbanks, and your trusty Samgyupsal cooking set) and you are set off for an adventure even if its just an overnight stay.

We surely had fun on this travel experience.

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