Caliraya, located at Cavinti Laguna, didn’t fail to uplift my senses when we camped out. I have primarily been to Kaliraya Surf Camp and it was a great experience (check my review here). But I was told that there is another campsite within the area that will surely please me. And even though it was a 10 min drive away from my previous camping experience, they say that it should seem it’s not on the same area.

Domeli’s Camping Site is claimed to be a campground inCavinti, Laguna close to being as bushcraft as possible, but with minor touches of civilization. No electricity, low to almost no reception, with


Domeli’s Campsite is around 100kms from Metro Manila, accessible via SLEX or via Tanay Rizal.

Routes to the campsite are fairly easy to traverse. If you are coming from Metro Manila, you can either take the South Expressway (SLEX) and exit via Turbina Bucal By-pass road and turn left at Ayala Greenfield. You can also pass by via Tanay Rizal and turn left to Mabitac National Highway.

Vehicle Accessibility

98% of the drive is paved, and the remaining access to the campsite will be off-road. However, it is passable by all types of vehicles, as there were sedans on the campsite when we arrived. I may be skeptical if it’s passable for sedans when it is raining as the path would get muddy and slippery. But, I was told by Tatay Domeng that you can request assistance if you happen to get stuck at the unpaved entrance to the campsite.


There are only two routes to Cavinti Laguna where Caliraya sits. As previously mentioned, you can either take the Laguna stretch from Calamba, or via the Rizal twisty roads from Tanay. Both roads will end at the foot of Caliraya Laguna and should be an easy way up. For commuters, please call Domelis Campsite Prior to your trip as you will have to be picked up at the entrance of Sierra Lake Village to get to the campsite.

Via Private vehicle:

  • From Calamaba: you will take an hour and a half ride to get to Pagsanjan Laguna Church where you will have to turn left to head to Lumban-Caliraya Road.
  • From Tanay: you will take around 2 hours before arriving at the Kalayaan – Lumban Signage. It will be a 5 min drive to the Lumban-Caliraya Road
  • Drive along, past the Japanese Garden, until you see the signage for Kaliraya Surf Kamp. Sierra Lake Village is around a kilometer away and should be on your left.
  • After paying 150 pesos at the gate, continue along the main subdivision road. The road will change from paved to gravel.
  • once you reach the gravel road, stay left until you get to a fork where the Domelis signage is erected. Take the right path.

Via Commute

  • Take the DLTB bus from Cubao/Buendia bound to Sta. Cruz Laguna
  • From the DLTB Pagsawitan, Sta Cruz Drop off, take the jeep to Brgy Lumot Cavinti. Depart in front of Sierra Lake
  • Domelis Campsite will be picking you up at the gate.



At first glance, the campsite did not disappoint my expectations. It is what other campers say; that it is as close to camping in pure nature. Tall trees, glaring water from the lake, and the smell of nature welcomes you the moment you step foot at the campsite. The only cemented portion of the campsite is the common comfort room available for the guests.

With low signal reception and no electricity, it will definitely force you to clear your mind and body of all the stress and worries you may very need to release.

With the absence of electricity, the campsite is pitch black the moment the sun sets on the left side of the campsite. Crickets starts to sing at the background, and the only light you will see will be coming from the rechargeable LED lights you will bring. And yes, it is a must for you to bring your own lights if you plan to go camp at Domeli’s.

There is a bahay kubo at the center of the campsite that serves as a sari sari store for the things you might need. They have drinking water, dishwashing liquids, shampoo, and spices for your camping food.

Going back to the beauty of the campsite, the sun rises on the right side of the site and sets on the left. And when the sun rises, a mix of red and blue colors play through the clear skies while you wrap yourself around your blanket or while sipping your cup of coffee/tea. The cool temperature of Caliraya gives you that extra edge in relaxing. To me, everything hit all of my good spots, and all was worth it. It is closest to I would remember how camping was when I was growing up.

As the sun sets, it was all orange around the campsite. And as the sun’s rays, peeked through the trees it was perfect while I crack open a can of beer and start preparing for dinner.


I can’t express enough that their rates are by far the cheapest compared to the other places I have visited. For staying in a secure private property, I wont even complain. Plus, the wood for the bonfire is free! Yes, it is but please keep your bonfire as conservative as possible.

Please do keep in mind that there is an additional entrance fee per vehicle of 150 pesos prior to entering the main campsite. Domeli’s Camping Site is situated inside a village, and the Php 150.00 charge is under the village’s governance.

Pricing are as follows:

Final Thoughts

I really had a good time, and that’s just about it. If you are in the search for campsites close to being untouched as possible, then Domeli’s Camping Site should be in your list. Some may need “urbanization” due to constraints with your camping equipment or preferences, but for those who seek true nature and test your camping abilities and/or new budol gears you just purchased during a monthly online sale over at Shopee or Lazada, then you may want to consider this campsite.

Two thumbs up to Domeli’s Camping Site for bringing me back to my younger years. Your site, plus the latest camping gears that make my camping more comfortable, it was a total blast for my and for the team!

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