When you buy tents and awnings, they come with pegs to fix your tent to the ground. Oftentimes, these pegs tend to bend and break due to constant use. However, if you are looking to upgrade your tent pegs or replace them, there are different types of tent pegs to choose from. This article will guide you on the most common types of tent pegs.

Wire Pegs

Wire tent pegs are used for most types of soil. These pegs are the most common pegs which come along with the tent. Although it is great for everyday use, these pegs are not suitable for strong winds. You can always use these pegs alongside better pegs if you decide on upgrading.

U-Shaped Tent Pegs

U-Shaped Tent Pegs are used on the sand. The other V-shaped tent pegs are the version used for soil. The design has a big surface area to grab on the sand. These U-shaped pegs are very durable due to their design and can withstand high winds. 

Screw Tent Pegs

Depending on the size of the pegs, screw tent pegs are used either on sand or on rocky soil. These pegs provide maximum grip and protection against high winds and storms. These screw tent pegs are commonly used on critical points and are accompanied by U-shaped or V-shaped pegs for maximum grip for tents and guylines.


Nail Tent Pegs

Nail Tent Pegs are used on any type of soil. These pegs are normally longer than wire pegs which provide grip when hammered down. These are a favorite for most for their affordable price vs their usefulness. These tent pegs are best used on rocky soil as these will not bend compared to the normal wire tent pegs.


Delta Ground Anchors

Delta Ground Anchors are, if not, the most secure pegs for ground soil. It is designed to be pegged down with the force of your guylines pulling in the opposite direction where the anchoring point is. Based on experience, there has never lifted on us even when we accidentally tripped on the guylines at night. And even on the high winds on top of the mountains, these pegs can secure your tent with ease. The only downside to these pegs is their footprint. Depending on the size of delta anchors you buy, it will consume a larger footprint inside a bag compared to straight pegs.

Fishbone Anchors

Fishbone Anchors are different from the abovementioned. These are used to secure tents on wooden planks. These slide through in between two planks and grab them to hold your tent in place. For what they are worth, these anchors are a great investment. You can purchase just a set and it should last a lifetime. It is not necessarily a must to buy, but if you’re going to camp on sites where they let you pitch on wooden planks, then that’s the time you buy them.

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