With many campsites visited, we were looking for another campsite where there is almost nothing but pure nature. From our last visit to Domeli’s Campsite at Cavinti Laguna, it is just now that we have finally been invited to another campsite that puts rawness in mind. Our friends from Camp Bagong Tagpuan have just opened a new campsite in Indang, Cavite, where they kept the land untouched (with just a toilet and bath constructed). If you happen to be looking for a campsite that will bring you back to basics, this might be one you might consider.



Camp Life Raw Camping Site is a campsite within the woods of Indang, Cavite. Approximately a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila. Coming from Makati, NCR, it is around 65kms via CAVITEX – Trece Martires, and 71.5kms via SLEX-CALAX-Silang.


As mentioned, the campsite is made possible by the folks from Camp Bagong Tagpuan and is just a 5 min drive from there. Not to be confused when you look at google maps, all roads leading to the campsite are actually cemented. 


For commuters, getting to the campsite is via a BUS to Indang Cavite proper. It is then you hail a tricycle to get to camp. Again, please to ask for the driver’s contact number in order for you to catch them once you leave the campsite.


Since it is very near Camp Bagong Tagpuan, we already have imagined what the camp would look like. However, arriving at camp is a different story. Camp Life Raw Camping Site is true to its claim. A land full of trees, with just a few installations for the caretakers, water source, and toilet and bath. And that’s about it. The thick forest stands tall enough to shade its visitors in any part of the camp. Us, we arrived at the camp in the middle of the day, and yet the camp felt cool and calm. Finally, as we arrived at camp, we checked our phones to secure our way to contact the outside world. For those who need a cellular signal for remote work, there is plentiful for all cellular networks.

We quickly set up camp in order for us to have more time to enjoy the camp. Camp Life is divided into two areas. The area on the right to the entrance is where a two-story house is found. This serves as the house for the caretakers and a small tindahan on one side. Helpful for things that you might have forgotten to bring to camp. Speaking of tindahan, they have drinking water for sale (50 pesos), and a stovetop for rent if you happen to camp as a big group. There is a wash are beside the house as well should you need to wash a big amount of kitchen equipment. On the other side of the camp is where you will feel the rawness of it. The left side of the camp is where you will only find a toilet and bath area and a small water tank with a faucet as the basic necessity you will need. From here you will feel how raw the campsite is. Do be careful where you park your vehicle as there are tall coconut trees. Of course, we wouldn’t know when these coconuts might fall and we surely don’t want them to fall on your precious vehicle. The camp also provided benches made of chopped wood and are onsite to use by us campers as your private area. There is a lot of wood at camp as well that you can use for bonfires or for cooking. Just kindly ask the caretakers for some.

As time flew, the camp does get dark quickly due to the vast trees overcasting their shadows at camp. We quickly pulled out the ingredients we need for dinner and then started cooking away for the night. As the night crawls into the camp, it slowly transforms itself into a whole new experience. The darkness takes away your sense of the perimeter of the camp. This, even more, make you feel that you are in the middle of nowhere. When it was finally quiet and dark, with only the creatures of the night chirping, it deceives you that the camp is much larger than it actually is.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy at the time of our visit, and we didn’t get the chance to appreciate the vast sky. Nevertheless, the moon shined bright enough, illuminating the lush tree leaves above us. And as the night pushes forward, even during the summer season, the temperature also pushed down to a relaxing atmosphere. In fact, I even forgot to use my battery-operated fan, and I got a very comfortable sleep.

Finally, the sun broke through the horizon and we finally saw the camp once again in its colorful fashion. There is definitely something with having a cup of coffee in the middle of the wilderness that makes us smile and truly relaxed. Of course, Camp Life was no exception. As we made our morning walk, it was all smiles for us. It was definitely a slow and relaxing morning.

The camp wasn’t finished surprising us. One of the caretakers approached us if we would want to visit the river not too far from the camp. As we happily obliged to visit the river, we quickly had our breakfast and packed our valuables in order to get to the river early. It was a 5-10min walk from camp with a few steep steps on the last part. Not to worry as they have already installed wooden handrails for your safety down the river. I must say that the river was as majestic. Cold and hidden under thick trees, the river was ever so private, that it was a moment to appreciate. It is there where we lost track of time as we bathe in the cold, and relaxing water that flows through us. A moment that we will also put in our books.

It was a quick break for us at MotoKampo. A well worth visit to a campsite that we have been yearning for. A campsite where we wished to be in the middle of the wilderness. A campsite where there is almost nothing but pure nature.


Pricing is as follows:

Entrance Day Tour:

Adult – 100 Pesos

Kids – 50 Pesos

Senior Citizen – 60 Pesos


Overnight Rates:

Adult – 200 pesos

Kids – 100 pesos

Senior Citizen – 160 pesos


Tent Pitching Fee for any size – 50 pesos

Motorcycle parking – 20 pesos

Car Parking  – 50 pesos


Tent Rental (with beddings) – 580 pesos


Butane – 100 pesos

Camping Stove Rental – 100 pesos





For anyone looking for a more raw campsite around Cavite, please do pay Camp Life Raw Camping Site a visit. It is nice that the folks from Camp Bagong Tagpuan listened to the yearns of campers who truly want nature as their priority. It was all positive for us at MotoKampo as we were really looking for a place to camp and be dependable only on ourselves. So if you are looking for a near untouched campsite that will not even exhaust your spending, please do consider visiting Camp Life Raw Camping Site in Indang Cavite.

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