In our constant search for new and upcoming campsites, we have accidentally spotted a campsite in an unknown spot within Pililla Rizal.  A camp that apparently only a few have already discovered. And as of this writing, we are only a part of a handful who jumped in to experience the views and beauty at Camp D’ Resos.



Camp D’ Resos is a camp that sits within the so-called camping sanctuary, Rizal. Just around 45kms away from SM City Marikina, it will take you around an hour and a half. Roads leading to camp are paved and treated to get to camp without any hiccups. Before going out to camp, it is a must to pass by their office first. This is in order to settle your fees and for their staff to escort you to camp. Following Waze or google maps will get you lost. Please pin FRIO REALTY first. 



Car camping is also possible for most vehicles as the terrain within the camp is almost even for any SUV and high clearance vehicles. For sedans, there are spots available but should you wish to car camp at the farther areas, do tread your vehicle lightly. Since the camp sits just at the foot of the Pililla windmills, constant winds are present that make your camping experience cooler, even on a hot summer day. Protected by surrounding tall trees, gusts of strong winds are seldom. Should you have car awnings on your vehicles, please do secure them with pegs as there is still a possibility of winds blowing away your awnings. 

As of this review, there is a toilet available on-site that you can use. Other amenities such as wash sinks are still under construction and installation as the camp is really new. Running water from a nearby river creek is present, they have kindly routed water piping for running water to be available in the middle of the campsite. For those who are fond of teepee houses for camp, there are available onsite. Also, according to the owner, there will be glamping setups that are underway. Even a swimming pool on a vast elevated area is to be constructed. In our opinion, this could be a private or exclusive area for those who wish when they visit the camp.

The night is where the beauty of the camp also stands apart from its sunrises and sunsets. The camp displays the beautiful night sky as there are no trees that will obstruct the view. Temperatures do drop and gusts of winds are more frequent making the experience even more relaxing. Quick tip, do face the open vents of your tents in the direction where the winds are coming from to make a very comfortable sleep. We actually overslept and missed the early peek of the sunrise since the wind felt like a strong electric fan soothing us while sleeping.

Finally, the sunrise that we were waiting for painted wonderful colors on the camp. Bright green color and sparkles from the morning dew were present at camp that day. Definitely, a nice way to have a hearty breakfast after an early morning walk.



Pricing are as follows:

entrance fee rates:

Infant and Toddlers (7 years okd and below)

FREE Entrance 


Kids and Teens (8 years old up to 18 years old)

-12 hours P70.00/head

-24 hours P140.00/head


Adults (19 years old and above)

-12 hours P120.00/head

-24 hours P240.00/head

Final Thoughts

Camp D’ Resos is still in its infancy stages. Even though early to give a final experience review, it has a lot of potentials. We think this would be a campsite for big groups; for families and friends who wish to camp together. Nevertheless, the camp is great for solo campers and for those that will as a pair, It is still an experience that you will enjoy.

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