Camp Bagong Tagpuan is an emerging campsite situated in Indang, Cavite. It is a campsite with fair amounts of grasslands, trees, and flowing water. The only development made is only to the point of providing basic necessities. Not to mention majority of the materials used for these developments are made of wood. If you are looking for a campsite that provides a forest feel with a relaxing body of flowing water for when a well-deserved vacation for the family or barkada is needed, then you might want to consider Camp Bagong Tagpuan.


Camp Bagong Tagpuan is located in Indang, Cavite. It is around 60km away from Rizal Monument (Kilometer Zero) via R1 – MCX Coastal Road. Coming from SM Calamba, it is also around 60km away via Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road.

Roads to the campsite are 99% paved and are accessible to any vehicle. The campgrounds are mostly flat and are easy to drive on even when wet. Commuting to the campsite is also easy. You just have to alight a BUS at the PITX Coastal Mall To Trece Martires. After which, you can hire a tricycle straight to Barangay Tambo Balagbag. We recommend getting the phone number of the tricycle driver as easy for you to get a tricycle back to Trece Martires.



Camp Bagong Tagpuan offers a tranquil feel at their campsite. The campsite offers two levels of experience; one are filled with trees, while the other offers a serene river experience. There is a common bathroom (gender separated) for when you would need to use the toilet or taking a bath. If you need condiments and small food items, the campsite has a small sari-sari store open. You just need to approach the care takers if you would need to buy something.

Pitching sites are apart from each other. Which, gives more space for quietness and peacefulness. There is a bonfire pit area where they light up firewood every night when there are guests at the upper campground. However, you can request firewood if you wish to gather around your personal campfire. There are fruit-bearing trees (such as saging) at the site. Maybe for a small fee you can kindly as a few to add to your camp meals. Finally, they have grillers onsite where you can borrow for free.

Now on to the lower campgrounds. The lower campgrounds is accessible via a flight of cemented stairs. They have also thought of installing wooden railings and solar LED light along the stairway for your safety at night. If you would happen to visit the campsite at this time of writing, there is a private treehouse and an exclusive area under construction. So stay tuned as these areas will provide the best views during sunrise and sunsets. As you come close to the river, there are pitching platforms made out of bamboo available. There is one located along the vicinity of the river and two installed beside the river. This is where you can pitch your tent and have a tranquil stay as you go through the day with a wonderful and never ending sound of flowing water. Not to mention that the lower campground is cooler throughout the day compared to the upper campground.

Swimming and water wading is completely free within the campsite. There are inflatables available that you can also borrow for free. The river is waist deep for a regular adult and is cold to our liking. Never the less, we spent the entire afternoon relaxing in the river and enjoyed all through out. It was clear skies the night we camped at the campsite.

The combination of tall trees with a bright sky full of stars gave the campsite a serene experience to whoever will gaze upon the same view. The river on the other side had a calming atmosphere that will daze you from the inside-out. As the darkness hugs through the night, the lower campground changes its character to let you sit in silence as the river continues to flow and the trees dance its branches from side to side.

The morning after, hit us with a slow and laid back feeling. Brewing coffee and wasting time on the overlooking platform at the upper campground was one I personally will never forget.


Pricing on the campsite are as follows:

Overnight Rates:

  • Php 299.00 – adults/night
  • Php 140.00 – 5-11 y/o /night
  • Php 100.00 – tent rental/night

Day Trips

  • Php 199.00 – adults (with free tent pitching)
  • Php 109.00 – 5-11 y/o

*They also offer senior discounts.

*They have inflatables and grillers you can borrow for free.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple campsite where you and your family can spend precious time together, you can definitely consider Camp Bagong Tagpuan. The name does stand to what we think the campsite can be; a place for friends and family to meetup and reconnect.

“Isang lugar na pwede maging bagong tagpuan.”

It is a campsite for those who would want a quick getaway. It is a place easy to drive to if you want a change of scenery. It is a place for a quick reset. And it is a place for a family to have fun and be closer. If you belong to one of those, then Camp Bagong Tagpuan should be on your list!

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