About MotoKampo

MotoKampo is a website that aims to shed the light in all about camping, car camping, and overlanding in the Philippines. As we venture into the vast lands of the archipelago, we wish to share what we have experienced in order for those who wish to take a dip into the adventure would be informed.

From campsite reviews, what to cook at camp, and everything gear and DIY gear, we will do our best to put into writing everything we will experience and discover.

MotoKampo is owned by Poli Media Enterprise, located at Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Mission and Vision


MotoKampo’s Mission is to provide information to our readers in order to prepare them on their future memorable camping experiences. Through our articles, we would want to guide you, our reader, in making better decisions in all aspects in camping.


Our vision is to be the your preferred content space in sourcing information with regards to anything related to camping and overlanding. We aim to be the top content creator and source of entertainment for our viewers when it comes to camping and overlanding in the Philippines.