When you are in nature, your skills are only as strong as the tools you bring at camp, and one of the integral tools you should have is camping knives. Knives are one of the first tools ever invented and are proven not only for our ancestors but also for us. We have listed the basic knives you should own if you go out and camp.

Fixed Blade Knife

A fixed blade knife will serve as your all-around knife in camp. Fixed blade knives are commonly used for cutting ropes and shaving wood for campfires. Depending on the thickness of the blade, we also see others use their fixed blade knives to split wood. Generally, a fixed blade knife is used in tough situations at camp. We use a fixed blade knife solely for cutting branches, splitting them in half, and shaving them for starting a fire at camp. It may not be the best knife but it can also be used to slice or dice food. Fixed blades are made and sold in different blade lengths. Thus, choosing the best size for you would be dependent on your preference.

Folding Blade Knife

For the more delicate cuts, such as cutting food, a Folding Knife (or others call a Switchblade Knife) will suit the job. This gives you the convenience of packing small plus protection of the blade from dirt. Folding knives perform the same way as fixed blade knives. However, these are not as tough as fixed blade knives because the spine of the blade is not part of the handle. Oftentimes, these blades are made with thinner spines compared to fixed blade knives. Folding blade knives are more convenient for cutting and slicing food at camp. Do not confuse folding blade knives from Swiss Army Knives, as Swiss Army Knives contain other tools within the folding case.

Swiss Army Knife

The most common pocket knife ever existed is the one made by a Swiss company called Victorinox. The Swiss Army Knife was originally made for the Swiss army in the late 1800s as an all-around toolkit that they can use while at war. This has been proven useful and effective throughout the decades. Which became its selling point for us, regular consumers. These knives are great as they provide different tools, made of quality stainless steel, in one pocket knife. This can be used to open cans, cut food, open bottles, make wood shavings, and a lot more. All in an easy-to-carry size. We have recently purchased the Ranger Wood 55 and it did not disappoint (check out our review here). You may think to just purchase a Swiss Army Knife because it’s a great all-around knife, but the size of these knives might limit you on certain tasks. Our suggestion is to spend the investment on a good Swiss Army Knife and spend less on the previous knives we’ve mentioned.

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